Welcome to the ANDS homepage.

ANDS is aiming to assist:

     o   dyslexic Japanese people

     o   non-Japanese dyslexics learning Japanese

In Japan there is a NPO for Dyslexic people and their family.

      Visit their website.   www.npo-edge.jp

You can buy our picture book "My little brother" (私の弟) in Japanese

      at EDGE in Tokyo.

The book in English is available at    www.my-little-brother.com.

Are you teaching Japanese students who may be dyslexic?

There are many Japanese students who are struggling to learn English

at schools and colleges in the U.K.

       Some of them may be dyslexic.

       Others may have other specific learning difficulties.

       They need help and support psychologically as well as academically.

If you suspect that some of your students may come within these categories

then please contact us for further information or just simple advice.

For contact details please see Contacts.

Are you learning Japanese and dyslexic?

        カタカナ(katakana) can be tricky for you.

                 ツ(tsu)、ソ(so)、シ(shi)、ン(n)、ミ(mi) are the worst, aren't they?

        You may find it difficult to learn different particles/markers


        Learning the kanji can be difficult. Some of them look similar and

                 you may not know which part comes on the left and what comes on the right.

If you have any question please e-mail us: info@ands.org.uk

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